To get Fearless with your flash?

Are you a hobbyist or professional photographer that’s afraid to experiment with supplemental light? 
Does the term OCF (Off-Camera-Flash) cause you fear, anxiety, bewilderment, or indifference?
Are you intimidated by the technical aspects of creating your own light?

Begin the adventure. Create your own light. Whenever and wherever.

My name is Leah McLean and I am head-over-heels in love with my humble little flash. 
This small tool has opened up a world of creative possibilities for me and I know it can do the same for you. 
With one, off-camera-flash you can create images whenever the desire strikes, not just during the daylight hours. You can add light where there is none, enhance the light in your surroundings or sculpt and refine light to match your unique vision.

I designed this course for those who are fearful of dusting off the flash that has been sitting in the closet, for those who have tried and failed in their first attempts, and for those who want to take control of when and where they create photographs.
Join me on an adventure into the joyful, exciting, and creative world of Off-Camera-Flash. You will not be disappointed!
Flash photography is something I am very enthusiastic about and I am thrilled to be offering this course to educate you about its massive potential to enhance your imagery.
What will the Fearless Workshop look like?
  • The course will run for three weeks and cover the fundamentals of flash photography.
  • After the first three weeks, we will take a break week in order to practice our new-found skills.
  • The last week will feature a personalized OCF plan and mentoring session that is customized for your specific needs. 
This course will be a mix of PDF, videos, workbook, exercises, and plain fun. 
Are you ready to start your OCF adventure?