Life changes.

It’s easy to lull yourself into the sense that things will always stay the same. That just isn’t how life works.

This year, we had a big change for our family. After 14 years in Texas, where my husband and I met and married, attended college and where all our children were born, we left our tight-knit community of friends to move to the midwest.

Not a place, I admit, I had ever considered living.


So our lives are in upheaval as we adjust to new everything. New house, new people, new schools, new dentist…you get the picture.

I have had my business for 12 years and think that it is also time to make it something new.

My husband’s job often moves us to new locations.  As you can imagine this makes it very hard to run a referral based and on-location business. Small businesses take a lot of work and time to build trust and exposure in a new area. With the chance of moving every year, time is something I just don’t have a guarantee of in each new home.


The Salted Image is going through a change.

I will be moving from traditional portraiture (although I still will offer that), to more of a virtual storefront, concentrating on educating those who are new to photography and desire to create delightful images of their family and life. I will be mixing in some of my other interests with the common thread of photography tying everything together.

Expect weekly posts addressing simple techniques to improve your own photography as well as reviews on gear and other items I have used. I will also be adding in the occasional book and sewing related posts.

Since my blog has fallen into disuse and is growing figurative cobwebs, I don’t think anyone will really notice the changes.

As of now, I officially dub my tiny piece of the internet a friendly place to grow your skills as a photographer and creative artist.

I look forward to growing along with you.

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