Hi, I'm Leah.

I live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I share my life with my long-suffering and sweet husband, and our 4 children.

I was trusted with a camera at a young age and began entering photo competitions in my early teens. I love studying the craft and I am always humbled and excited when given an opportunity to photograph new faces and old friends.

I love exploring the great outdoors with my family, sketching, watercolors, and studying art.
Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I love a good sci-fi dystopia with at least one alien attack or edge-of-your-seat explosion.

I create art inspired still life images as well as fine art portraits using flash and available light. If you are interested in learning how to craft your own light using an off-camera-flash or strobe, then check out my One-Light Flash courses that I offer through my photography community The Salted Collective.