This is the final countdown…
4 Days left of my 30-day portrait challenge. I actually still have a lot more ideas than days, so I think I will keep the OCF challenge going in one way or the other once my March challenge is over.

My Apollo Orb by Westcott is one of my favorite modifiers. I love the soft, diffused light that it produces and it is big enough that I can also use it as a background like I did in this post. For today’s post, I moved it to the front of my delightful model, Harlan, to try a new look.

The Light Setup

I started out with just the Octobox placed in front and partly over my subject’s head. I was bumping against it as I shot because it was so close to her.

I wanted to decrease the dark shadows under her throat so we placed a white reflector on her lap to add some fill light to the shadows.

Her Dad came downstairs to check out how she was doing and she gave him a glowing smile followed by a wave that reminded me of a Queen sitting atop her motorcade car in a parade.
You’re killing me smalls. All that adorableness.

Harlan was super sweet to volunteer her time with me and I really appreciated her help in making these images.

Lessons Learned

  • Take pictures of the “off” moments. The images of her waving are by far my favorites. Her whole face glowed to see her Dad.
  • I love shooting this age range. They are not to the point where they feel uncomfortable with the camera and they are always so fun to work with.

I really appreciate all the people who have been volunteering their time (and their children’s time) to help me out with this challenge. I know my own kids are thankful as well, they are enjoying the break.

Happy creating!



Hey Kristin! I am so sorry for the late response. I just now found this comment hiding within my site! I use and love the Godox/Flashpoint system. I have the Streaklight 360 and the XPLOR600. They have really changed the way I shoot because they make going on location with flash super easy. I am in the middle of my third annual OCF challenge right now and hope to blog my results soon.

I’m just now reading your portrait challenge and am learning so much!!! What flash are you using in your modifiers? Thanks!!!

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