Halfway through my 30-day portrait challenge.

I have been camped out on the beauty dish for the past couple days and today I tried something new for me. It didn’t really turn out how I hoped but I think I will revisit it in the future.

I placed my softbox directly overhead and placed the beauty dish at a 45-degree angle to Sally’s right (camera left).

I think next time I will try positioning my subject toward the back and front on the overhead light to see what different looks I can achieve.



I think my children are very close to declaring mutiny on me for the number of portraits they have sat through the last two weeks. I think it is time to call in some other models.

She can revert back to her serious face in seconds.

I think I captured some sweet images of my daughter today but I wasn’t a fan of the light. I really like shadows and this just didn’t have enough for my taste.

I did, however, enjoy trying something new, so high five to myself!

I think it is time to also try something new as far as posing. My children and I are both getting bored with normal portraits and my son has already given his okay for me to throw water in his face for some pictures. We will see how that goes.

Until then, happy picture taking!


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