Several months ago, I took my daughter out for her own mini-session.

Why have I not done this before (or since)?  Her toddler days are behind her and before I know it her childhood will have slipped away as well.

Monthly mini-sessions are going onto my schedule for each of my kids from now on. I don’t see how I could ever regret that commitment in time and effort. I get pictures of my kids AND I get to hang out with them one-on-one.  It is a win-win!

If you have children I encourage all of you to photograph your children regularly. Maybe once a month is not going to happen but how about bi-monthly or a special session around their birthday? You don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to document your children’s lives. You only need to be a Mom or Dad who wants to be able to remember the details of your growing child’s life.

Have you taken the time and effort to photograph your children but are still unhappy frustrated with the results? Contact me at leah@thesaltedimage to schedule your own 1-on-1 or group basic-camera- class, learn how to use your camera in manual and begin taking photographs that you love.
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