Day 14 of my portrait challenge and like yesterday I took my beauty dish outside to attempt to capture some images of the falling snow.

I was determined to capture some backlit snow after yesterday’s failure and I did fare a bit better today. I rushed my lights outside two times, only to have the snow stop before I was set up. On the third try, it continued snowing and actually picked up to a small squall, while the sun was still shining, for several minutes.

For this light setup, I placed a beauty dish camera right of Ada and a bare bulb flash directly behind her to backlight the falling snow.

The flash I placed behind Ada was in need of new batteries and was not firing every time I took a shot. Here is a good example of how the back flash impacted the amount of snow visible in the image when it fired.

Another example of the back flash not firing.

Ada made a special request of a portrait with our dog Maggie, after being so good natured with two weeks of daily portraits how could I tell her no?


This session was frustrating and bone chilling to pull off but in the end, I am glad we did it.

Thanks for checking out today’s challenge and feel free to join along. I would love to see what you create.

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