I have a crazy little dream where I sit down to sip an iced lemonade and type out a delightful blog post full of intriguing information and creative, whimsical images.  Instead I find myself packing boxes (again!), wiping noses, cleaning up the same toys (didn’t I just pick this up?) and running mundane errands.  I am sure some day I will look back at this busy time with a house full of little ones as the sweetest  time in my life, but for now I just try to take it one crazy day at a time.

All that to say,  I really would like to blog more often.  I am playing catch up right now with images that I would have liked to post months ago.

In the middle of the madness I was able  to carve out a couple days to attend the Jinky Art Workshop in Round Top.  I have lots to say about this event and will write a review once we are moved into our new home.  I have not had time to go though the 1000 plus images I took while there but here is one image that grabbed my eye when I took it…

Also, be sure to check out my price page to see the portrait special that is running through November.  I have a limited amount of sessions available this fall and plan on taking the majority of December to get our family settled into our new home.

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