Here is the rest of Kristen and Bobby’s session that I began posting yesterday. I had so many images from their family/couple session that I could not possibly narrow it down to one post. I really didn’t even do a good job narrowing it down to two posts. There are a ton of images here.

First off, can I say I loved the outfits that Kristen picked out for her family and couple session (Bobby if you had anything to do with picking out the outfits please forgive my ignorance and chauvinism. You also did a great job). Not only did the outfits complement each other with out being matchy-matchy  but they showed each family members personality and style. Can I hire you as a session stylist?

Dustin joined us for the couple part of the session and I loved having him there to help capture different angles and expressions. He is one awesome husband.

Now on to the pictures…




We seriously loved watching Bobby get Kristen to relax and laugh. They had us at hello…



If you are thinking that Kristen looks totally awesome, it is probably because she is an incredible personal trainer at the local Amarillo gym Zach’s Club 54. Speaking of Zach’s Club, if you are looking for a gym to kick off certain new year’s resolutions. Check out Zach’s, it is an especially great option for parents because their child care is incredible (Mrs. Lulu, we love you!)






It was cold. I mean REALLY cold during the session. We would shoot for several minutes and then run back to our swagger wagon (otherwise known as Homer, our uber-hip Honda Odyssey) to warm up. They did a great job hiding their discomfort and I don’t think you would be able to tell just how very cold it was if I didn’t mention it (over and over).




Is it just me or do these next pictures remind anyone else of high school? Not that I ever looked at anyone like that in High school, nor did I get looked at like that. But It was definitely a pose I pretended not to see between classes.



By this point we had lost our light and for whatever reason Bobby and Kristen agreed to tough out a the freezing cold for a couple more minutes while I set up my lights. I am so glad they did because I loved the way the images turned out…



Bobby and Kristen, thank you so much for braving the cold with us and for making it so much fun! You guys were one of our favorite sessions ever and you need to have another baby  or get remarried so that we have a reason to do another session. Let’s do sushi (except you Bobby, you can order a sandwich).

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December 29, 2010
she is seriously sooooo stinkin' gorgeous! these are awesome pictures, as always :)
December 30, 2010
Wow Leah, you've done it again! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our family and couple are truly amazing! And Lauren, thank you for your sweet comment! As for sushi, anytime! But, the baby and re-marrying, NOT gonna happen! Ha,ha!!!
December 30, 2010
Leah, you are absolutely amazing! I mean, really. Just one incredible photo after another. (And not just of my kids.)
December 30, 2010
uncomfort? uncomfort. oh my gosh. haha i love these! shes so pretty and leah you did such a great job. :)
December 30, 2010
Karis- You say Potato, I say Potatoe. Uncomfort is totally a word in the Pacific Northwest. Don't be hating'.
January 21, 2011
such pretty peoples... kristen knows how to work it doesn't she? her hubs did an awesome GQ job too... great job! :)