You were probably wondering if I have something against men as they are rarely featured on my blog.

This is not my fault, guys just don’t book sessions.  99.9% of my sessions are booked by females.

Men of the world, your children and children’s children and children’s children’s children want to see what you look like, seriously.  No kids? Well I am sure your family and friends would love to see you, so go ahead and step out of your comfort zone and book a session.  Do it for the future generations.

This was not a very long session.  It was cold.  Fred was cold.  We did stop by a neat old abandoned building at the side of I-10.  I had been wanting to shoot there since I first saw the place.  Unfortunately, that was the only chance I got.  That building is now a pile of rubble.  Apparently, what San Antonio needs is another car dealership on the side of the interstate.  Alas, progress.

All I have left of that cool little building.  Let it be a lesson to men, go have your pictures taken before you are replaced by a Lexus dealership.


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