Are you interested in learning more about photography?


I teach both group and one-on-one coaching for those interested in moving beyond the automatic setting of their camera.


-I teach a free basic photography class for beginners. This is a great way to dip your toes into photography with no cost besides your time. Contact me to see the current schedule.

Beginner Mom’s Photography Class. A fun and casual 4-hour workshop designed just for moms and caretakers who want to learn how to use their cameras to capture family pictures they will love to share. Our main focus will be learning to use your camera in manual mode. We will also cover such topics as, working with light, lens selection to tell the story of your family, printing and editing options, and tips and tricks for working with kids and family member s of all ages. Would you like to attend this for free? If so, check with me about hosting a workshop in your own home.


Photography 101 Workshop. An in-depth set of beginners photography classes made just for those who want to move beyond the basics. We will discuss using light to craft images, lens and gear choices, different photography genres and the equipment needed for creating beautiful still life, macro, portrait, and landscape photography. This class will meet twice over a two week period.



Are you wanting to learn to shoot in manual? Edit your images to their fullest potential? Would you love some time to go on location to practice shooting in the full sun or learn how to use an off-camera flash? One-on-one coaching may be just for you. We will work together to build a customized experience that is just what you need.

$85/per hour


Join us once a month for an informal and fun group gathering to practice photography together. Join the meeting for a short talk on tips to take better images before heading downtown to craft photos of our own.

Would you like to find out more about group classes or one-on-one mentoring? Do you have a photography related question you would like to ask? Click on the link below to ask!

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