My Mom bought me a sewing machine around 10 years ago. With the exception of two Christmas stockings the poor machine has been waiting patiently in one closet or another. Until now.

I bought a shirt on clearance the other day at Kohls for $2, it quickly became a pair of pants to fit over Ada’s ginormous diapered booty…


I never had the desire to sew for Gavin, but now I just can’t stop making dresses, diaper covers, and pants for Adalay. What  a great feeling to create something. I highly recommend it.

This dress was so easy that even a total sewing novice like myself could handle it. The Pattern is from Leila and Ben and aptly named the Sweet Little Dress,


Go ahead and create we were made to do it!

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November 3, 2009
I'm highly impressed! My new sewing machine has been sitting unused for the past few months. Is it really that easy? I have the desire to make some stuff for the kiddos, but I'm a bit intimidated.