Our sweet, mellow, little girl is one today!

I need to find a new cliche to sum up; “They grow up so fast”, and “I remember it like yesterday”. I do remember her birth like yesterday and it does go SO fast!

I just knew that this day was our last as “Pre-Baby #2 McLean Family”, so of course we had to get a picture! 12 hours before arrival (and don’t be hatin’ my lounge wear, what else could I fit in?)…


The timing of Adalay’s arrival could have been better. We were waiting on the birth of Baby Mc ver. 2.0 before we could move to Amarillo. Movers were coming that week to pack up all our belongings and our new home was wating expectantly to be filled. After much thought, I decided I would rather have our families help once we got to our new home (where I did not know a soul) instead of at the baby’s birth. Our families graciously waited while we enlisted the help of our church family for the birth. When we headed out to the birth center, our cherished friends arrived to pick up Gavin. When they heard I was already 8cm dilated they decided to hang around. I am so glad they did because Gavin was able to meet his sister just minutes after her birth, he was enamored and he has been ever since.


Adalay’s birth was about as good as extreme pain and suffering can be, thanks in large part to my extraordinary midwife Katherine, who works at the Nativi Birthing Center in The Woodlands. The Birth Center beat the socks off Gavin’s hospital birth. It is really even unfair to compare the two. When they set Adalay on my chest, I asked if the baby was a boy or girl and found out no one had checked , so I was the first to find out we had a girl to go along with our rough-neck little boy.



One of the greatest things about using a birth center was that we were home and in our own bed several hours after Adalay was born. The next day I helped get lunch ready for 20 of our closest friends (because I seriously felt that good, really I did not feel like I had given birth 12 hours earlier. I am still waiting for it to hit me) and we had a”Welcome to the World Adalay” celebration.

It consisted of eating great amounts of food and lots of baby gazing. It was great.


Life was full before Adalay, Gavin was busy keeping our lives packed. Adalay added to that fullness in a way that only a happy-go-lucky, calm, and content baby can. She is such a sweet, sweet, gift. We are so thankful for every minute of her life and so proud that she has been given to us!

A year in review…


Happy birth sweet-girl! I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for you!


Awesome post!!! Happy lated Birthday Addie.

Oh so cute! I love all the little faces 😉

What a cutie! So fun to see a year in pictures. You were so cute pregnant! Thanks for sharing.

YAY!!! What a wonderful post! I love all the pictures. Thank you for sharing her birth story. What color of eyes does she have, by the way? She’s so gorgeous. Oh, and I’d be pretty angry too if I lost 6 weeks worth of pictures. OUCH! Happy First Birthday, Adalay!

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