Day 9 of my portrait challenge and my last planned day focusing on just using my softbox.

I love using my strobes outside and was excited to not be indoors for a session. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the windiest day of the year and after having my softbox topple over I decided to wait until I could get someone to assist me.

The main issue I encounter when taking my lighting gear outside, besides just having to lug it around with me, is dealing with the weather. The slightest gust of wind can send a modifier flying, especially if you are using an umbrella. Always have an assistant or sandbags to help keep your gear safe and secure.

Once I had assistance, we moved back again for a very short and cold session.  I was able to work for a couple minutes and after creating a dozen images we all hurried back into the house to warm up. I am the first to admit that I am a major wimp when the weather drops below say…70 degrees.


One of the perks of using off camera flash is how little post-processing will be necessary on your images. It is also fun to create a different look than you would normally get from just using natural light for you rout doors images.

I hope you have better weather than and can get outside this week for a portrait session of your own.


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