Day 6 of my personal challenge to create a portrait every day using a different light setup.

Today, I continued to use my softbox but switched off the flash and switched on the modeling lamp. I rarely use my modeling lamp and discovered that I really love the wide aperture I can use with it.

The modeling light lacks the power of the flash so it can be used with wider apertures, in my case f1.8, but can still give the softbox “look” that I love.

My first setup consisted of the softbox, in this case an octobox, positioned directly in front of my lovely daughter. I added a reflector underneath and shot the image sandwiched between the two light sources.


I then added a grid spot behind her to give a bit of separation from the background.

After that, I shifted the softbox around so that the back edge was at her shoulder.

Here is a pull back of that setup.

Here I raised the light to about a 45-degree angle and added a blackpiecee of fabric to the camera left to add shadow and depth to the image..

For the final set up I moved the softbox right over her head and added a reflector below her.

I was inspired to try using my modeling lamp as my main light after watching this video by Gavin Hoey. If you are wanting to learn about off camera flash I highly recommend his videos.

I hope you get a chance to create something today!


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