I have to admit, I am a little amazed that I made it to day 10 of my portrait challenge. There were definitely days where I would have rather skipped the portraits and used my time in other ways. Funny thing is, no matter how much I did not want to expend the effort, I was always  glad that I did. Crazy how that works.

The Shoot-Through Umbrella

Today I used a shoot through umbrella to light my images.

I had a harder time with this then expected. The only umbrella I have is pretty big, 72 inches across. It was very cumbersome to work around and I did not care for the light that it spilled EVERYWHERE. There was no controlling this and I had a limited amount of space to move my daughter away from the wall. I could not get the background as dark as I preferred.

Here is an image using just the umbrella.

Here, I added a reflector at camera left



And here, I used the black side of the reflector to add some shadow to camera left.

I think this was my first time to use this modifier in years, it produced very pretty light but I would prefer to use it where I can pull my subject further away from the background, or even better have no background at all. Using this outside, on a non-windy day, might be ideal.

I do think I will challenge myself with this further, even though I kind of want to just move on.

Do you enjoy using your umbrella as a modifier?

I would love to see what you have created with this modifier and any tips you have in it’s use.

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