Day 20 of my 30-day challenge, I am on the homeward stretch and really quite amazed that I made it this far. I am starting to feel a bit more pressure for varying my light setups as I have used up all my regular setups. Now I need to get creative.

Today’s modifier was my small reflective umbrella, I will be honest that I am not sure if I have ever used this. Ever. I am quite clueless as of why I decided to purchase it many moons ago. Maybe it was for a wedding? I am sure it made sense at the time. I think it has been hanging around waiting for its turn for at least 10 years.

The Setup.

I started with the umbrella placed above my daughter and slightly camera right. I was shooting underneath the corner of it in order to compose my image.

I was using the Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic for this session which is a lens that can be tilted to add blur.

For the next image, I added a black piece of fabric right next to Ada’s shoulder at camera left. This made for deeper shadows. Which is what I seem to prefer.

Then I switched the black fabric out for a white reflector to fill in the dark shadows a small amount.

Lessons Learned

  • Use everything I have available. If I don’t like it then why do I have it?
  • I need a month long challenge to use my Lensbaby daily, I was having a tough time getting both eyes in focus.

This was another very simple set up and I was surprised with how pretty the light was from this much-ignored modifier.

I guess it is time to take it out of hibernation and give it a chance.

So do you have a reflective umbrella, if so, do you use it?

Happy image-making!

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