Day 8 of my portrait challenge.

Yesterday was my first time to really use the modeling lamp as the main light, I thought I would revisit the concept again today.

This was the easiest setup so far. I had Gavin stand between the dark wall and the softbox.

Having him turn at slightly different angles gave a variety of looks.

I then tried angling the light up so that the bottom half of the image would fall into darkness. I liked the strong, dramatic light this produced.

I ended by angling the light down and having him look up toward me at differnt angles to the light.

I even managed to get a rare smile from him.


The first week of my portrait challenge is over and I already feel like I have discovered some new lighting techniques.

I look forward to breaking out a different modifier over the next couple days.

Go out and create some portraits of your own, I would love to see your results.

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