Day 7 of my personal portrait project where I have committed to creating a portrait each day of the month with a different light setup.

Today’s image is very simple because the day is extremely busy and I wanted to make sure to post something new.

I used my softbox at a 45 degree angle (camera right) and very low power setting, to mix with the ambient light coming through the window behind my daughter. There was also a window in front of her about 30 feet across the room.

I was using a Lensbaby edge 80 optic which caused the blur along the bottom of the frame.

I am attempting new things this month and this next image is definitely not something I would normally do, I photographed her through a piece of pink tulle. I can’t say I love the result, but it was fun trying.

I really enjoy mixing traditional strobe light with natural light and hope to get my strobes outdoors for some sessions this week.

Have you created something new?

I would love to see if you are making images of your own.

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