I am at day 22 of my portrait challenge and I finally gave my incredibly awesome and generous kids a break.

They have been so accommodating the last three weeks but they deserved a vacation from portraits for a while.

Instead of relying on them as models, I put a call out for anyone else interested in headshots. I will be photographing the people who responded over the next two weeks.

First up was Nathan, who is a magician and was needing some updated headshots. I did a variety of lighting for his shoot but the majority were setups I have already featured during the challenge. In order to stay within my self-imposed challenge rules, I will just be showcasing a few images with new light setup using a grid spot.

The Light Setup

A single grid spot placed overhead, with a reflector placed below (you can see it in the image).


This may be my favorite from the whole session. I am a massive sucker for a serious black and white portrait.

Lessons Learned

  • Be aware of how shadows and reflections from glasses are affecting your subject.
  • I need to set a timer or have some kind of reminder in place for myself so that I remember to change out backdrops. I did the vast majority of this session with a black backdrop and I am kicking myself for the lack of variety.

I did pull one of these images into Photoshop and played around with removing the shadows from the glasses, my attempt looked far worst then the actual shadows so I just left them there and deicded it gave him an aura of mystery. That is at least what I am going with.

Maybe my next 30-day challenge needs to be in the magic of photoshop.

If you are looking to volunteer your face and time (or your child’s face and time) in exchange for some updated headshots then you can contact me here.

In the meantime, go challenge yourself to create something!

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