Today is day 12 of my portrait challenge.

This is a personal project where I have committed to creating a new portrait each day with a different light setup.

This week I will be using my beauty dish as my main light and trying some new techniques with my most often avoided modifier.

My Beauty Dish Setup

I am starting off with the beauty dish centered in front and above my daughter’s face.

Because of the angle of the dish very little light hits my white backdrop, turning it into a dark gray gradient.

I then moved the beauty dish to the right of the camera and added a light on camera left aimed toward my daughter’s shoulder so that her hair would not blend into the background.

I did not care for the look of the light here, so I added a diffusion sock to the beauty dish to soften the light a bit.

Throughout the session, I moved my main light and hair light to various positions to experiment with different looks.

For the image below, I placed a light behind her and aimed it at the back of her head for some rim light and separation.


For the next image, I positioned the second light to hit the white background behind my daughter.

And for this last image, I turned off the background light and once again just photographed the image with the main beauty dish.

I am excited for this week and what I will learn with experimenting with the beauty dish. I think this is a great modifier but I am slightly intimated by it

I think this is a great modifier but I am slightly intimated by it because I am never sure if I am using it at the right angle to get the best light.

I also really love taking this modifier outside as it as quite a bit sturdier than my softbox. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with some above freezing temperatures this week.

Do you have a beauty dish? If so, how do you use it in your light setups?

Have fun creating this week!

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