Day 11 of my portrait challenge.

I first came across this light setup through Scott Kelby’s site. He has an excellent website geared specifically toward on line education for photographers.  You can check out his post for this setup here.

I have also read the same setup in Lindsay Adler’s Creative Studio Lighting Guide.

Lindsay is a fashion photographer that is also an incredible teacher and one of my favorite instructors for photography education. You can check out her educational resources here. I highly recommend them if you are wanting to grow with your lighting and posing skills.

For this setup I used my 22-inch Paul C. Buff silver beauty dish as my main light and placed a large softbox directly behind my daughter. I angled the softbox upwards slightly to brush light across her shoulders and jawline.

To fill in the shadow under her jaw, I added a reflector in front of her and angled it slightly up.

Here, I added a diffusion sock over the beauty dish to see if it would change the look. It softened the light slightly but I think either way works.

The main issue I have with this setup is the haze that comes from shooting straight toward a light source.

This is easily taken care of in post processing but I am wondering if there is a way to avoid it altogether. The less I have to do in post processing, the better.

Here is the same setup but this time, I replaced the beauty dish with a softbox.

I normally prefer dark and dramatic images with deep shadows and depth but this is a fun setup that I return to again and again, even though it is very different from what I normally like.

The great thing about photography or any art form is that you can explore whatever style and look you would like.  It is okay to try something different. Just go and create something.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to share your own portraits!

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